Our Approach

We recognise one size doesn’t fit all. Every business comes with its own culture, politics and experience, so our starting point is unique to you. We use tried and tested approaches which we know will deliver, but we love innovating to ensure we stay relevant and meet the brief!

Our Story

Spotty Dog Strategy was formed in 2015 from a passion for bringing out the best in people and organisations. We love what we do and we hope some of that passion comes across in our workshops, training and expert knowledge. Bertie, our Spotty dog, lends his charisma and strategic prowess to our company name and attitude!

Dalmatian dog licks his lips with pleasure

Our values

Our three brand values are Be differentBe generous and Be responsible.

We are a small, adaptable bunch who recognise "the way it's always been done"  isn't always the best way.

We take time to appreciate those we work with and feel there's more to people than just work.

We also don't make promises we can't keep.


Meet the founders

Richard Matthews

Founder and Managing Director

Richard has over 20 years’ experience working in strategy and marketing for both blue chip companies and consultancies and also has board level experience as MD innovation at GfK UK. Richard has been running interactive training courses and workshops for nearly 15 years in over 10 countries. Richard enjoys doing sport and songwriting but not at the same time!

Catherine Matthews

Founder and Creative Director

Catherine's career started in Education as a primary school teacher before specialising in developing and delivering bespoke training programmes. When not doing training, Catherine loves nothing more than to use her creative juices to solve problems and bring order out of chaos. She also loves upcycling furniture and making lights out of jelly moulds.

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