"An excellent day, well planned and executed. Very manageable stages, good outcomes and clear ideas to build on."

Generating new strategies/Insight led solutions

UK Regulator

A change in emphasis to a more customer centric viewpoint meant that recommendations based on research required a more insightful, action oriented tenner. The aim was to identify threats before there was major harm to the industry and therefore be more proactive with interventions. Insight generation workshops with themed data, produced more impactful statements that could then be used to assess harm levels, who and how the harm would affect. Drivers of harm were identified by facilitated discussion allowing intervention specialists to interpret what channels best suited the harm amelioration. The final outcome was a series of future strategic directions which were then shared with stakeholders, both internal and external.

New concept creation

International Drinks Manufacturer

A large drinks company wanted to innovate in a new product category. Trend analysis was developed into 10 innovation platforms, which in conjunction with experts’ opinion, were used in a ‘market place’ activity to draw out participants' views on customer motivators and potential uses. ‘Company takeover’ was used to get participants thinking about the product as if Apple or Virgin etc. were launching it. Spark cards then developed the potential detail of packaging, product design and consumer group appeal, by developing ideas to make it more portable, smaller, more robust, more appealing to young children etc. Seed ideas and concept creation was followed by analysis of the functional and emotional benefits of each potential product. Further mapping on a feasibility/consumer need matrix allowed ideas to be prioritised and then passed on to the product development team.