"An excellent day, well planned and executed. Very manageable stages, good outcomes and clear ideas to build on."

Stakeholder audit/Company away day

International Events Company

The client wanted to further build its customer experience to clients by auditing their performance. Spotty Dog carried out a series of 20-minute senior stakeholder client interviews, to build a picture of the events company’s strengths and areas to develop. The follow up interactive session, with the whole company, allowed them to be immersed in the positive quotes from clients, as well as hear the insights around areas to improve, backed up by client quotes. Games, to match company aims to clients, highlighted the need to tailor their offering to the client’s strategic goals. Giant Top Trump cards were used to identify the knowledge gaps around their clients’ wider business situations. Action plans to target client management were put in place, and a CRM system introduced, both to enhance relationships.

Stakeholder mapping & engagement

Large UK charity

The Insight and Proposition team wanted to develop communication with their stakeholders, to increase their team’s influence over business decision making. Creating a Power/Attitude segmentation for their stakeholders helped them identify who could best champion their team’s messages to decision makers and who blocked them. The use of Top Trump cards for each identified ‘Champion’ and ‘Blocker’, assisted with the creation of targeted engagement strategy plans. This more targeted approach allowed the whole team to take roles in raising the profile of their output and ultimately providing better, more insightful decision making for the charity.