Our services help organisations both in the short term (here and now) and the longer term (owning your future)

Here and Now


We review a Team’s effectiveness and find the cumulative 1% improvements that allow small changes to fuel greater achievement.

We optimise working habits with Stakeholder mapping to identify which of your stakeholders block or champions your team and we provide targeted action to utilise the champions and manage the blockers.

We conduct Stakeholder audits to give you first hand insight into what your stakeholders really think about you! Combined with strategic planning, this allows you to build on your great points and improve your weaknesses, driving action and ROI.

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Training and skills development is only beneficial if it is memorable and acted on, so our training uses video, role play, group and 121 interaction, underpinned by action planning and easy to use tools to bring it to life.

Our Communication styles training builds teams’ skills at quickly identifying their own, and crucially, others’, communication preferences: an invaluable tool when you need to make yourself heard!

While Insight generation takes the mystery from turning data into meaningful, business relevant insights, Storytelling for impact takes you on a journey to understand why and how we can have greater impact by using a narrative style of presentation to engage and galvanise stakeholders.

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Owning your future


The Holy Grail of Business is discovering new opportunities to stay ahead of the competition and lighting the touch paper of passion across the whole organisation. We use clear, engaging techniques for envisioning and strategic planning include future trend immersion, vision creation, competitive and change analysis.

From creating and embedding new vision and culture, to finding market gaps for new product/service development, these techniques take you from where you are now, with a clear action plan to achieve a brighter future.

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We create insight led solutions for product, service or strategy development.

Using our LIGHT insight generation process and Windows of Opportunity Framework, we cut through the mass of data to find the nuggets of insight that build inspired concept and proposition development.

Vital for all types of business development, we help teams clearly define the essentials, extras and wows of new opportunities, and fill white spaces with creative and insightful solutions.

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Next Steps...

Every organisation's situation is different, so drop us an email and we can have a chat about your aspirations, and if what we offer fits your needs.