"The team really enjoyed it. We’re fine-tuning our mission statement and have already begun using it. We got so much more out of this session than we expected! Thank you!"

Head of Student Recruitment and Outreach

Vision and value creation/Change Analysis

University - Marketing Department

After a merger of a number of departments and various role changes the team wanted to better define the values and vision for future growth. A pre-workshop assessment gauged views on current value strengths and weaknesses. Then a creative session allowed everyone to visualise what they wanted the team’s value set to be in a year’s time. This was clearly linked to positive behaviours and then fed into a change analysis tool to determine what factors were working for and against these changes. The team felt a new sense of ownership of their future and used action planning to make specific changes with timescales and responsibilities.

Future trend immersion

Global Tyre Manufacturer

A large tyre manufacturer wanted to stay competitive and develop new products and positioning in this challenging market. A session of immersion in nine future trend themes, brought to life by real examples, allowed a broader view of influences on their market. The consumer needs of these trend themes were them mapped onto our Windows of Opportunity Framework; giving ‘Core’, ‘Nice to have’ and ‘Wow’ needs. Inclusion of their own category specific research added other consumer needs. This led to a clear, future orientated map of consumer desires which was then used for innovative product concept creation.

"The workshop went very well. We had good discussions, created some great ideas and had real synergy."

Brand Manager