Us (Spotty Dog)…

Spotty Dog: fuelled by passion (and sometimes Rhubarb gin!). Years of commuting and conforming to the ‘Brand Police’ method of doing work, created the perfect environment to do something completely different…

Welcome to Spotty Dog Strategy, home of doing things differently! We are passionate believers in finding creative and imaginative ways to learn, explore and make stuff happen.

There are enough elements of work that squash our joie de vie: imagining the future, creating the treasure map to make it happen and discovering new skills on the way, shouldn’t be one of them.

Spotty Dog Dictionary



Imagining the Future


Creating the treasure map to make it happen


Discovering new skills on the way

There are so many benefits to this philosophy, we don’t understand why anyone would choose anything else.


Unlocking our creative juices allows us to step out of the box and enjoy the journey to making our organisations’ better places to do what we do. We are hard wired to remember the best and worst experiences of our lives, over the mundane; so let’s ditch the mundane and do something different.

Richard Matthews

Richard Matthews

Managing Director