We've recently launched our new Insight Toolkit.

Our new "everything a team could need" Insight Toolkit is designed as an end to end resource of 24 tools, from setting the standards for a world class team’s structure and skillset, to best practice planning, stakeholder management and getting the most out of your data.

At Spotty Dog Strategy, we specialise in four main areas which support your organisation in the "here and now" and "owning your future"


A strategic approach to optimising working habits with simple tools to find the cumulative 1% improvements, drive action and return on investment.

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Building team confidence by developing skills in value-added stakeholder engagement, insight generation and impactful storytelling presentation skills.

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Inventive techniques to imagine and create the future; from new vision and culture, to identifying the white spaces for new product and service opportunities.

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Applying insight and idea generation to your data, to bring fresh, actionable outcomes for more impactful and strategic outputs or to create insight-led propositions.

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Learning and collaborative working is only useful if it is remembered and acted upon, so our sessions are interactive, fun and memorable, with clear action planning and next steps to supercharge your change.

"Engaging and participative from the start"

"I've come away with lots of tools and ideas. It was very practical"

"Very interactive, a great way to learn!"

"The unpacking of adverts and their messages was imaginative and inspiring"

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