Firstly we recognise one size doesn’t fit all. Every organisation comes with its own culture, politics and experience, so our starting point is unique to you.

Though we love meeting with our clients face to face, we have adapted everything we do for remote working and today’s Zoom culture.


Innovative Facilitation


From interactive polls and team building exercises to creative methods of sharing and gathering feedback with large numbers. Get the most out of your delegates being together.


Whether your focus is innovation, vision, strategy or action planning, we tailor to meet your needs, but guarantee to be interactive and enjoyable.


In our 1-2-1 interviews & focus groups, we use bespoke discussion guides and experienced interviewers for in-depth qualitative research and evaluation.


Impactful Strategy

Our passionate ‘nose to tail’ approach begins with your business issue, and ends with clear, actionable outcomes. We’re all about managing change, making your organisation the best it can be and we recognise, for change to stick, that action planning with realistic goals and timings is key.

We have 6 main areas of expertise, which can be used as a guide to the types of strategic projects we are passionate about.

Team Building

Defining and optimising team roles and interactions using stakeholder feedback to better meet key business KPIs


Gaining a deeper understanding of stakeholders’ behaviour and motivations and developing action plans to get the best out of these relationships



Developing streamlined short and long term planning processes to deliver organisational efficiencies and more strategic outputs

Big Picture

Taking a step back and looking at the wider landscape and ‘What ifs’ of the future and how to adapt to it. Using change analysis and   potential ROI calculation to weigh up varying scenarios 


Building data into insights and discovering new business opportunities and innovations


Making it happen – telling the story that inspires action and planning the timetable of its success


Interactive Training

We recognise that training and skills development is only beneficial if it is memorable and acted on, so our training uses video, role play, group and 1-2-1 interaction and is underpinned by action planning and easy to use tools to bring it to life.

New for virtual training, we have the ‘Banter Box’ posted to participants – a treasure chest of interactive props, snacks and tools to support and enhance the fun factor when training from home!

Using our own Spotty Dog tool kit of effective and simple approaches, to reinvigorate your teams and their processes, we cover these areas:


    Team building: Optimising team skills and roles to deliver enhanced stakeholder relationships

    Engagement: Know your stakeholders and how to get the best from their behaviours and motivations

    Planning: Prioritise both long term and individual project work to deliver more strategic outputs

    Big picture: What if?’ tools to investigate the wider landscape your organisation operates in and how to adapt to changes within it

    Innovation: Building data into insights and inspiring new business opportunities

    Impact: Telling the story that inspires action and getting it acted upon. Presentation skills with punch