Delivering a new company vision, values and culture 


An advertising agency who regularly experienced growth of 20% YoY wanted to cement and formalise a new vision and values within its growing team. In particular, they wished to deliver a more joined up customer experience by building a culture of creating cross team opportunities to deliver beyond client expectations. The company wanted all of its employees to be trained in this new way of working.


We delivered a 1 day, 3 workshop event for 180 employees. Each interactive workshop brought to life part of the new vision and values and gave practical sessions in how best to identify and implement new opportunities to broaden their client’s interaction with the brand. There was a strong emphasis on individuals personally engaging with the values and being inspired to be more curious, creative and better at partnership.


The new vision, values and culture were effectively communicated to all employees with a strong, practical emphasis and all departments were able to begin the new approach from day 1. Employees, at all levels, felt enthused and valued as part of the company’s new approach to client development.