Unifying a new marketing team with a clear vision, values and culture


After various team mergers and role changes a university marketing department wanted to refocus its team by uniting under a new, future focused vision and reset the team’s value orientation to better serve its stakeholders.


We wanted to build the team’s vision on clearly defined values, so each team member completed an anonymous, pre-training evaluation of the current strengths and weaknesses. These were used in the training workshop to prioritise the values that were most important for a productive and happy team. Each value was clearly linked to positive behaviour changes. Using creative ideation the team was seen as an individual person with character traits and a vision for the future. The vision was distilled from key words and phrases giving a greater sense of corporate ownership to the team’s future. Change analysis helped define what needed to change to bring the vision into reality.


Equipped with a new vision statement and values following the training, the team felt a new sense of ownership of their future. Actions created in the training also helped to give responsibility for specific changes with agreed timescales.

The team really enjoyed the training. We’ve already embedded our new vision statement. We got so much more out of this session than we expected! Thank you!

Head of Admissions and Recruitment

UK University