Building a 2 year strategy for a flagship deliverable


For the last 15 years, a UK film industry body has produced a Statistical yearbook, a “bible of film” which has been its flagship deliverable for informing film producers, government and academics about all aspects of the UK film industry. The client was keen to evolve this delivery to better meet stakeholder needs.


We carried out 13 depth interviews with a range of external stakeholders, representing the users of the Yearbook as well as running 2 workshops with key internal stakeholders. Our evaluation process focused on people’s overall impression of the Yearbook, the content areas where it was highly useful and relevant and those less so. Also the way it was presented, communicated and rolled out. Our recommendations for action were then fed back in a strategic workshop where the project team were facilitated to build solutions and actions for the next 2 years.


We created a detailed action plan and 2 year roadmap which has been rolled out to enhance future deliverables. In particular, the team have improved  navigation to help users discover new aspects of film, better promoted what topics are available and when (tying-in releases to larger film events) and plans to roll out a new branding and positioning.

We’ve already rolled out a number of new developments and been far better at raising the profile of the Yearbook and keeping to the agreed plan!”

Insight Director

UK Film Industry Body