Generating memorable storytelling narratives


The Marketing department in a global bank wanted to refresh its approach to presentation styles to increase impact.


Using our FAST storytelling tool and interactive training, the team built confidence and learnt the power of a good narrative for creating memorable and engaging deliveries. Exercises using real department reports were used to practice “finding the story” in the data and then developing key narratives into a 20 point storyboard using multiple learning style methods to transform the messages. The focus on linking stories to action plans using the Rapid Action Tool gave the team quick and easy methods to build impact with stakeholders.


The team implemented more impactful and succinct reporting with clear recommendations which better met stakeholder needs. In addition, they also introduced action orientated presentations with workshop breakouts to ensure insights were being acted upon. 


The first thing I’m going to do is completely change my presentation for tomorrow, cut down the deck and tell them the real story.”  

Head of Insight

Global Bank